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Create a nature-inspired interior

You don’t need any outdoor space to enjoy the beauty and benefits of nature at home. Margo uses the shapes and colours of indoor plants to make her minimalist home come to life – plus the plants clean the air in the family’s high-rise apartment, and give her son Bruno (9) an opportunity to learn about nature. Here are some of her ideas for decorating your home with nature.

Take a natural approach

As an artist, nature has always been Margo’s biggest inspiration. She customises everyday objects around her home with simple designs: ‘Painting a leaf on a wooden tray is so quick and easy, but it changes something functional into something that’s beautiful too.’ 

Give your environment a boost

Whether you work in an office or at home, there are so many easy-care indoor plant options – and even more benefits to be had working among them. Plants help clean the air, absorb distracting noises, reduce stress and increase productivity levels. Succulents and terrariums are particularly low maintenance, leaving you free to focus on your work.

Put plants on show

Margo loves the shapes of the plants and leaves around her home: ‘They’re like natural sculptures,’ she says. Displaying them in glass containers makes it easier to see the whole plant’s beauty, from root to leaf.

Grow upwards

Hang vertical planters from the curtain rail to give your plants plenty of sunlight and decorate the window too. ‘I like to let as much light as possible into the apartment, so most of our windows don’t have curtains or blinds. Instead, I dress them with terrariums, pot plants and hanging planters,’ says Margo. 

Go for garden furniture

Pick your favourite corner for relaxing and bring some outdoor furniture in to create a miniature garden. A rustic garden bench is a fitting way to display some of Margo’s pot plants – and an extra place to sit with a good book when the hammock is occupied!

Create a natural display

Accessorise your indoor plants with other natural materials. Woven mats, baskets and untreated wood all echo the raw, natural textures of the greenery in Margo’s living room.

Keep growing

Plants can be a really affordable way to decorate your home, particularly if you take cuttings from existing plants to grow new ones. Choose a healthy shoot and cut below a leaf joint. Remove the lower leaves, keeping some at the top, and submerge the stem in a glass container of water. Once the roots appear, they’re ready for you to pot up in soil – and the cycle starts again!

I make little changes to our home each week, and so do my indoor plants – as they grow and transform, they change the look of the room too
Margo, artist, Poland

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Photography: Dan Duchars
Styling: Louisa Grey
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