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Create a communal kitchen

When it comes to planning a kitchen, start by thinking about what type of space best suits your needs. Incorporating your kitchen into another room can open up your home and make it easier to spend time together. Margo and her family moved their kitchen from a separate room at the back of their apartment into the living room. ‘An isolated kitchen just wouldn’t have worked for us,’ she says. Combining their kitchen and living room also freed up a spare room, so Margo’s son Bruno (nine) now has his own bedroom.

'An open-plan kitchen is much more sociable. You can use your kitchen worktop like an island, gathering around it to prepare meals.'
Margo, artist, Poland

Make a functional and flexible space 

Planning a kitchen from scratch gives you the freedom to design the most practical layout for daily routines. Your food-storage, preparation and cooking areas should form a work triangle, so that it’s easy to move from one to the other. In Margo’s new kitchen, installing the kitchen units on the wall that adjoins the bathroom made it easy to plumb in a sink and dishwasher. She hung pendant lights over a worktop between the cooking and dining areas to create a focal point for preparing and serving food, and another one over the table. 

'Combining our cooking, eating and relaxing areas means the person making dinner isn’t shut away on their own – we’re all spending time together, even before we sit down to eat.'

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Styler: Louisa Grey
Photographer: Dan Duchars
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