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Cosy bedroom tips: relax with natural materials

Put yourself at ease in a bedroom filled with natural materials, light and coordinated colours. Check out how we mixed them together for a snuggle-friendly, relaxation-ready bedroom you’ll never, ever want to leave.

Comfort is personal, but some things tend to put people at ease—like being surrounded by the feeling of nature. Choose a bed frame made of solid wood (HEMNES bed frame is pine) and layer it with natural textiles in cotton or linen that breathe and absorb moisture to keep you comfy. Cover the room in softness with rugs everywhere, even fluffy sheepskin draped over your favourite armchair.

Create an atmosphere of calm harmony by getting the right light for what you’re doing or how you’re feeling. Use curtains to control daylight. Plain linen ones have a slightly irregular texture, so light comes through but you get privacy, too. Put lamps by the bed that you can direct for reading and have pendants for general light. Then strike a match and set the mood with a scented candle or two.

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Interior designer: Mette Thoresen
Photographer: Sandra Werud

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