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Calculate your outdoor area

Quickly create a personal look with a range of outdoor floor decking in different materials and colours. They click together, so it is easy to upgrade your outdoor flooring.

Calculate the size of your space

To calculate your outdoor area, multiply the length by the width. For example, width 3 m × 5 m = 15 m2. Calculate any areas to be subtracted from the total area, for example pillars or corners.

Calculate how many packages you need

Divide the sum by 0.81 and round up (to ensure enough floor decking). For example, 14.5 m2 ÷ 0.81 = 17.90. Rounded up, that means you need 18 packages.

Get going with ready-made calculations

When you have your total area of space, these calculations tell you how many flooring packages are needed to cover it.

The most common examples:
2 m2 needs 3 packages
5 m2 needs 7 packages
7 m2 needs 9 packages
10m2 needs 13 packages
12m2 needs 15 packages
18m2 needs 23 packages
20m2 needs 25 packages
25m2 needs 31 packages
30m2 needs 37 packages

Create your personal outdoor flooring

You can even combine MÄLLSTEN, the new Marrakesh-style floor decking in weatherproof porcelain, with RUNNEN decking in different colours and materials to enhance the unique look.

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