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Breathing space: prepare your patio for spring

Outdoor space at home, no matter how humble or large, is sacred. It’s your own spot of peace. To make your terrace the cosiest hangout of the season, it might need a little refresh.

Love what you have

Cleaning your outdoor furniture and your patio makes the place feel cared for – and ready to care for you. A simple sweep with a soft cloth dampened in water and a mild soap is all these metal cabinets need. Small efforts that make carving out some me-time in the fresh air feel extra gratifying.

Everything ready in minutes

Spring is underway and so are moments of joy. Let’s find those outdoor cushions and start dreaming of warmer weather right now. Storing them inside a dirt- and dust repellent bag will make your cushions look fresh for a longer time.

Let indoor comfort guide the way

Extra cushions are infinitely more inviting, even outdoors. Choose cushion covers that are water repellant, fade-resistant and machine-washable; they’ll stay good-looking for years to come.

Stay outside longer

Does anything make an outdoor space feel as magical as mood-setting lighting at night? Secure some cafe-inspired string lights overhead to brighten up your outdoor space when the evening comes.

Add a plant, or several

Nothing makes you want to go outside more than colourful, beckoning plants and flowers. Be creative and plant your greens in pots that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, bring them outside and let them thrive.

Dining under the open sky

Don’t let light rain or harsh sun rays interrupt your outdoor plans. Enjoy your alfresco moments under a parasol big enough to protect many guests with water-repellent qualities and excellent sun protection.

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