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BJÖRKSNÄS: natural bedroom furniture built to last

Celebrate the simple beauty of nature with the new BJÖRKSNÄS bedroom furniture, crafted using natural materials for a healthy sleep environment.

Natural comfort

The new BJÖRKSNÄS bedroom collection features a bed frame, bedside table and chest of drawers, made from hard-wearing natural materials including solid birch, linen and leather. Its simple design means this long-lasting furniture is made to survive the ever-changing world of interior design. The headboard is solid wood, with additional detail that allows you to add the comfort of textiles – cushions with removable covers for washing that are secured in place with leather ties.

Scandinavian simplicity

‘The inspiration for BJÖRKSNÄS comes from our Scandinavian roots and from the reality of everyday life,’ explain brother-sister design duo Marianne Hagberg and Knut Hagberg. ‘The neat and airy look is characterised by natural materials with fine carpentry details and proportions that make the furniture fit in many different bedrooms.’

BJÖRKSNÄS bedroom furniture is available in-store now

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