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Bedroom of a stylist - part 1

Mountains of pillows, oceans of duvet, maybe even a forest of candles. We’ve all got our dream bedroom scenarios, but for our interior designer Emma, this is hers.

What’s a bedroom without dreaming a little? Emma’s bedroom design is all about triggering the senses and imagination — but without too much colour or intense patterns. “For me” she says, “my dream bedroom needs to be a tranquil space”.

To create a tranquil feeling, Emma started with hanging light textiles to create a softer light in the mornings and soft, sinkable feather duvets all in a calm white. She also added a white tiled wall to give a hard contrast from the soft textiles as well as make the perfect place to write inspirations from bed.

As a stylist there of course needed to be plenty of inspiration close at hand.

“In my dream world where my toddler sleeps until 9 and not 5 in the morning, I’d love to plow through my magazine collection with a cup of coffee in bed on a Sunday morning. And having them at the foot of the bed means that they are so close that I don’t even have to hop out to get them!”

Another part that Emma was keen on was the scent of her dream bedroom.

“I am obsessed with smells. I think a lot about smells. All the time. This is commonly known among friends and family… I’d love a scent “station” in the bedroom, what better way to wake up than to the smell of fresh flowers and something perfumie like a scented candle or a diffuser in the one spot. Then you could adjust them to whatever your mood is.”

Last up is how the bedroom is lit.

“We generally don’t read in bed at nighttime, so we don’t feel like we need reading lights. I’d prefer to use an ambient light, preferably on a dimmer, so that you can control the light according to the time of day. I would use several mood lamps, such as table or floor lamps or even a string of lights around the room, rather than one big ceiling lamp, to create a cosy and soothing atmosphere. But another big thing is daylight!! I am not a big fan of blackout curtains, I like waking up to the light.”

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Made by

Interior designer: Emma Parkinson
Photographer: Andrea Papini
Writer: James Rynd

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