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An easy to set up and take down kitchen

Need a compact kitchen that’s a snap to pack up and take with you when you move? Then this one’s for you! Don’t be fooled by its compact size, we’ve found space for all the essentials.

”Not all flats have a fitted kitchen, so one that’s easy to put up and take down is a handy solution,” says IKEA interior designer Emma Parkinson. SUNNERSTA kitchen fits the bill and has a small price tag too. “Secure it to the wall using two screws”. Add task lighting, a fridge, a portable induction hob and some storage, and voila! You have a functional and modern kitchen; worktop, sink and mixer tap included.

Minimal clutter and maximum efficiency are vital when you’re living in a small space. Use two trolleys for storage. Keep pantry items in containers on one. Use the other to store dinnerwear. Stackable boxes for cleaning stuff and a bin for recycling with an easy-to-access lid fit under the sink. Keep your counter clear by hanging kitchen utensils, a portable induction hob and washing up accessories on hooks.

Double your counter space by putting a chopping board on top of the sink. Emma’s top tip? “Use the board to hide the dirty dishes when unexpected guests pop round”. Clamp a work lamp to the kitchen’s frame. The light can be directed, so you can continue chopping into the night. It’s more fun cooking with an even light to illuminate your worktop, and safer too.

When it’s time to move you don’t need any extra boxes. Just pack your pots and pans, plates and utensils in the recycling bin. Herbs and cutlery go in the smaller container. Use thick string to tie a couple of stacked boxes together, so they are easier to carry.

Finally, take down the kitchen. You don’t need to be a DIY expert — a screwdriver is all it takes. The structure doesn’t weigh a ton, so it’s easy to carry with you to your new address. Sling the dismounted frame over your shoulder and grab the portable hob, and away you go!

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Interior designer: Emma Parkinson
Photographer: Daniel Wester
Writer: Anna Blom

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