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Add colour and personality to a teen bedroom

Encourage tweens and teens to express their own sense of style. We meet the designers of the new MÖJLIGHET range of textiles and accessories, with retro patterns and bold shapes.

Prints with personality

‘I think IKEA came to me because I use more colour than is typical of Scandinavian design,’ says Maria Gustavsson, who created the MÖJLIGHET bedlinen. ‘I wanted to avoid the usual “kids” patterns and create genderless designs. I’m a fan of the Memphis Group, so I love geometric shapes and repeated prints. As a designer I always aim to give my products heart and personality.’

I think we underestimate kids sometimes. They’re much more aware of their surroundings than we were, so they’re good at spotting trends.
Maria Gustavsson

Put function first

‘I’ve been working with IKEA for four years, but this was my first product for kids,’ says Gustav Carlberg, who created the MÖJLIGHET headset/tablet stand. ‘At the start, I only think in terms of function. I knew the product needed to hold headphones and different shapes and sizes of phone and tablet. I also wanted it to be something that kids could buy with their own money.’

Multipurpose design

‘I started by sketching headphones, a tablet, and a phone floating in the air, then thought about how I could support these objects with one shape,’ says Gustav. He made the design stackable to save on space and cost. ‘When I was almost finished, I realised the stand looked like a figure sitting back and relaxing. I like it when you connect a shape to something else in your mind.’

I’m searching for a new kind of basic. I want to know why products look like they do, and to ask if they have to look that way. That might sound fuzzy, but it’s what drives me.
Gustav Carlberg

Storage with style

A big part of the life of tweens and teens revolves around their bed. Research shows teens need eight to ten hours of sleep a night, but it’s also a spot to hang out with friends and relax. Clever accessories like the MÖJLIGHET bed pocket help create a space where they can unwind and recharge, with compartments to keep a book or sleep essentials handy.

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