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A velvety headboard how-to

Want to revive a MALM bed frame? Give the headboard some cushy velvet padding for a boutique hotel look. Get a closer look at how it’s done.

What you’ll need:
MALM bed frame (this one’s 160 cm x 200 cm)
SANELA curtain
Measuring tape
Sewing machine/sewing supplies
Double-sided tape

Staple gun

Step 1 Measure the headboard. Lay out the curtain. Fold it in half. Cut it to the headboard’s size, adding about 5 cm extra to each side.

Step 2 Sew three sides of the curtain, leaving the ‘bottom’ unsewn. This creates a sleeve that will cover the headboard.

Step 3 Cut the foam panels. We cut six same-sized panels and one wider panel for the middle. Messy edges? They’re ok. We’ll cover the foam anyway!

Step 4 Use double-stick tape to attach the foam panels to the headboard. Line them up with the top and sides.

Step 5 Open up the curtain sleeve and slide it onto the foamed headboard.

Step 6 Staple a thread into each groove. Start on the front at the bottom. Repeat for each panel. Pull each thread up and over the headboard and staple to the back. This helps give the panels a rounded, more defined shape. Repeat for each panel/thread until you’re done.

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Made by

Interior designer: Emma Parkinson
Photographer: Henrik Petersson
Writer: Marissa Frayer

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