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A stay-all-day bedroom sanctuary

Remember when ‘go to your room’ was a threat? Now it’s more of a desirable time out, right? Sleeping. Reading. Doing nothing. Ahhh. Check out this bedroom where you can stay for hours and do what you want.

Shut out light (and the world) by making a cocoon. Use a corner room divider, which has all the track rails and hooks you need to hang curtains from the ceiling and surround the bed. Tie cushions onto the headboard for more support and less sound. For a playful touch, build up with curtain rods and cushions on clipped curtain rings. Keep clothes behind closed doors. Stay in bed by storing must-haves on bedside tables and controlling light with a wireless dimmer.

Every once in awhile, get out of bed and change your scenery without leaving the room. Escape into a book nook. This curvy rocking-chair has room for two. (Word of caution: The rocking motion may make you sleepy!) Soft throws and cushions keep your comfort just right—and an extendable light keeps your eyes from straining.

Spend time with your creativity and lots of coffee at a big table. For a calm, hotel feel, use minimal decor. Floating wall cabinets add to the cleanliness while storing your things inside and on display. (They’re actually kitchen cabinets that fit more flexibly under a sloped ceiling.) A pendant lamp lets you see what you’re doing even if someone else is sleeping.

Or maybe you’d rather just stay in bed and binge watch. Use standing mirrors on the floor to hide a wall-mounted screen. When it’s TV time, just pick them up and move them. The mirrors are also handy for getting dressed, spreading light around the room and drawing attention to that oh-so-comforting bed.

When it’s time to go beyond the bedroom door, make it as easy as possible. An unloading station by the door with a coat rack, storage bench or some hooks works as spot to put the day away when you first come in. Bag, shoes, a quick change of clothes—everything’s there and neatly organised for you to grab without thinking.

Here’s the floor plan of our bedroom. It's 22 square metres. A table, cabinets and reading corner are on the far wall. On the left-hand wall there’s a TV. On the right-hand wall there’s a bed with curtains. A wardrobe is on the entry wall.

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Interior designer: Emma Parkinson
Photographer: Andrea Papini
Writer: Marissa Frayer

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