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A space that’s all you

So you don’t have unlimited space. Great! Then it won’t take much to make the most of your corner of the home. Check out how you can fit all the things you need to make everyday life flow smoothly, and still make room for your personal style – both now and later.

Your domain, with room for more

For mornings when your bed is extra magnetic, be sure to have all your cocooning stuff at not-moving-at-all distance: good reads, charging station, a spare throw, lighting, the things you enjoy looking at. And with a stackable bed, you have a solution that works at all times. Lazy afternoon? Unstack and there’s suddenly room for everyone. Hosting a sleepover? Same thing. Need of a double bed for guests (or for yourself in a few years’ time)? Check on that, too.

Fashioned for fashion

If you can’t spare the space for a spacious wardrobe – why not turn your whole room into one? Surround yourself with colours and patterns that let you wake up inspired. Then you simply need to get up, dress in today’s outfit (hanging ready from your mirror), double-check your look for last-minute tweaks, and sashay out the door.

To put effort into making your room functional may seem like a drag. But that’s just the thing: the better your space deals with chores like storage and looking out for everyday needs, the easier it is to keep it looking neat and in style – 24/7.
Manuela Engström, interior designer at IKEA

Tailored to you on every level

Two-storey living. Doubled space. The perfect study and sleeping nook. Whatever you call the trick that a loft bed performs, it’s some kind of magic. On top, you have a comfy den with a bird’s-eye view. Below you have a desk, a walk-in wardrobe, storage, you name it – and still space to spare. What’s not to love?

Storage (and style) climbing the walls

So you’re a budding mountaineer. Or a gamer. Or – you name it. Showing off a hobby isn’t just a playful statement about who you are. It’s also a convenient way to keep track of your things. Also, pegboards make it easy to adjust the set-up over time. For the unsightly stuff: Hide it under the bed! (In accessible boxes, mind you.)

Small storage for big personalities

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