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A small-space home for big dude and little dude

Step into an imaginative, inclusive home for a single parent and child. See how interior designers used resourceful DIY solutions for play, learning and togetherness in a small city home.

1. Space for playtime

Tucked into an alcove within this open-plan home, a canopy made of metre fabric creates a cosy den to share with cuddly friends. Soft rugs mark out floorspace for playtime, and storage tubs make it easy to tidy toys away afterwards.

2. Compact and cosy

Around the corner, a small living area works for both family time and grown-up time. For a space-saving solution, a compact two-seat sofa is combined with a pouffe and small tray table to make a sociable layout. Lamps create a cosy mood and can also be used as directional light for reading.

3. Learning together

In the same room on the opposite wall, a child’s desk for arts and crafts sits next to the grown-up home office, for more time spent side-by-side. A shared wall of inspiration and homemade artwork sparks big and little imaginations. The sit-stand stool can be tucked under the desk to save space when it’s not in use.

4. Clever kitchen

Look beyond cupboard space to maximise storage in a small kitchen. Utensils and small pans are stored on a long line of wall hooks to save on drawer space. Bulky dried ingredients and cereals are kept in jars on a trolley, freeing up an extra cupboard and making it easy to keep track of what’s running low.

5. Sleeping snug

Hidden behind a curtain during the day, this sleep space for two makes bedtime feel extra cosy, with a handy shelf for story books. There are separate duvets and reading lights for early nights or late mornings without disturbing each other. Cabinets above the bed make use of the ceiling height in a room with little floorspace.

6. Helpful hallway

Limited space in the entranceway is transformed into a functional hallway with the addition of rails and hooks. Coats and jackets are kept down low so little hands can reach them, while extra seating is stashed above. A wall of blackboard paint is handy for writing reminders – and doodles.

7. Smart bathroom

The bathroom is all about space-savers that work for two. A step makes the sink easy to share and kid-friendly items are stored down low in the vanity unit. Slim shelving makes clever use of the space above the toilet and keeps grown-up things safely out of kids’ reach. Hooks behind the door add hanging space for bath towels.

8. Cosy oasis

Growing herbs and vegetables is a great way to eat more consciously and teach kids about where food comes from, however small your outdoor space. Soft cushions and throws are taken outside to extend the main living area on warm days – and brought back inside at bedtime!

Team of two

Space-saving furniture helps pack plenty of functions into this open-plan home. By dividing the apartment into different zones, interior stylists Kerstin Bohne and Therese Eriksson created a clever home for two, with eight hard-working spaces in just one ‘room’.

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Interior stylists: Kerstin Bohne and Therese Eriksson
Photographer: Mats Ekdahl

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