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A personal and eclectic home interior

Get inspired by interior stylist Hans Blomquist’s maximalistic home imagined for a couple who loves to travel and show off their style through their unique finds.

Protect and personalise

The fact that our deco tells a story about us is something that interior stylist Hans Blomquist wanted to express when he created this home for the 2019 IKEA catalogue. The couple he visualises living here loves travelling and collecting.

“I’ve put some of the things they love behind glass to keep them safe and so they don’t have to keep dusting them. When they get tired of something, rather than buying something new the couple can swap the things they have in a cabinet with the things on show for a new look.”

Show off your passions

“The man who lives here is a travel journalist, so I created a personal display using maps and a frame hanging from a rope. Try to think outside the box and let your imagination run free. It’s quite interesting what creative processes you can trigger by just adding a simple hook or two to your wall or even the ceiling. These places are great to use when you don’t have a lot of floor space.”

Pick a palette that harmonises

“For this eccentric couple’s home, I have chosen quite a dark colour scheme with pops of jewel tones. Keep to a few complementary tones to make your space more coordinated. White walls would have made the home feel so cluttered. Here the colour of the walls brings the whole room together. Another tip when using dark colours is to create the feeling of space with mirrors that reflect the light.”

Use forgotten spaces

“I recommend making use of areas that are often ignored, such as the ceiling, or a corridor between two rooms. Here, a dark passage between the kitchen and living room is given a new lease of life with lots of shelves. When darkness falls, the hanging display of antiques, frames and lamps creates a pretty light play.”

Keep to a few complementary tones to make your space more coordinated.
Hans Blomquist, interior stylist

Work your walls

“For a unique look, I used wall panels in a brass colour in the kitchen. They repel dirt and dust and are easy to clean. The panels are really convenient for this guest-friendly home as the couple loves throwing parties. Friends can often be found gathered in the kitchen until the small hours of the morning.”

Curate your clothes

“I think it’s fun to use your decor to make the most of a special interest or passion. When you love clothes, and you run your own vintage shop, as the woman we imagine living here does, it makes sense to make a statement and show off your collection in open storage. I also think that having your clothes on display means that you use them more because you see them all the time.”

Hide things you don’t want to display

“Almost nothing is hidden in this maximalistic home. Use hidden storage for things you don’t want to show off, such as underwear and T-shirts.”

All the photos were taken from the 2019 IKEA Catalogue

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