A living room with the kids

Ever notice how most kids will try to climb, well, anything? We did, and it sparked an unconventional idea—a bunk bed in the living room. Not just a play place for them, it’s a comfy spot for the whole family to hang out. Curious? Come and see.

A bunk bed in a living room with gray and white pillows.

With lots of cushions and textiles, the cosy bunk bed brings living room seating to new heights. Cuddling, reading a book, digging up dinosaurs, defending a fort—whatever’s going on, there’s plenty of room to spend time together. And it blends in with your living room’s look without feeling like a primary-coloured playground. If anyone needs a nap break, hey, you’re set for that, too! Win, win, right?

Made by

Interior designer: Martina Andersson
Photographer: Sandra Werud