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A living room for sleep-ins

No matter the size of your home, there will always be times when you need one more comfy bed. With the right sofa-bed you get the perfect place to put your feet up, work, eat, binge watch – and sleep.

Yes! It’s my turn to sleep on the sofa

VIMLE sofa-bed goes from cosy couch to comfy bed in a few easy steps. Even better, the nest of tables works just as great when it doubles as a bedside table and the clamp spotlight is perfect for bedtime reading.

For soft sleepovers

GRÖNLID is super easy to fold out, and has a thick bed mattress that makes it even more comfy. And that’s just the sleeping part. Being extra deep, it’s just as perfect for snuggling up on lazy days.

Sofa, bed, and storage – 3 in 1

Where do you keep your spare duvets? Finding the right place to store things, big and small, is a challenge for most of us. By choosing a sofa-bed with built-in storage, you get the perfect place to stow bedding – making it even easier to go from living room to guest room and back again.

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Interior designer: Ana Rita Jose Mestre, Nina Parkeborn, Maria Halme
Photographer: Magnus Arnesund, Måns Jensen
Writer: Ina Simonsen

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