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A good night’s sleep with children in the family

Waking up rested can be a challenge in a family with kids. We can’t make promises, but here are some ideas that just might increase the peace in your night-time home.

Everything set for sweet dreams

A good place to start is to make the bed space as cosy as possible. Let your child pick colours, patterns and quilt cover to make it special. Build a cocoon with soft shapes (like a bed tent) and materials to add to a secure, safe feeling.   

Put soft edges on the bedside storage

Cupboards over the bed are good for storage, but can also intrude with their sharp lines. Staple a length of creased, white fabric to the cupboards’ underside to form fluffy, textile clouds, extending the curve of softness from the bed and up along the wall.

All within reach for a calm night

Arrange for a calming bedtime routine by having all you need close at hand, like books and a light for reading in bed. A storage box can serve as a portable nightstand (and seating, too), holding a water bottle and a night light. Just in case, always carry a spare soft toy.

Sleep next to your child (without breaking your back)

Comforting a child in the middle of the night can easily turn into long, uncomfortable waiting. An extra mattress on the wall – part of the cosy-bed cocoon – can become a temporary sleeping station. Easy to set up, easy to leave (when the time is right).

Fluffy bed linen right where you need it

Be prepared for setting up camp in the child’s room. When minimal disturbance is important, it’s good to have ready-to-use duvets at hand. (Foldaway hooks are both safe and can be used for more than a spare mattress.)

Naturally, each family has their unique set of needs and habits. Our ideas simply focus on ways to make cosy, comfortable bed spaces as functional as possible – also at night.
Evangelos Delidimitris, IKEA interior designer

Safe travel between night-time destinations

Make moving between rooms at night easier for sleepy children. A hidden LED lighting strip offers a calming, guiding light without straining sensitive eyes.

A bunk bed for all of the family

When sleeping in the same bed is the only option – give your family bed a fun, unexpected twist. This two-level solution is best measured in advance. But once in place, it can be a space-efficient, sound-sleeping dream come true.

Cosiness all-round, at all times

Being snugly tucked in is a good start to any night. Even better, having everything you may need right by the bed: night light, books, cushions, an extra blanket and a cuddly shark.

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Made by
Interior designer: Evangelos Delidimitris
Photographer: Karl-Johan Hjertström
Writer: Henrik Annemark

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