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A flexible living room inspired by nature

If the living room is where you spend most of your time, you’ll need a fluid space that adapts to your various needs. Natural materials, neutral colours and modular furniture are a recipe for a flexible living space.

Flexible furniture Designed for fluid living, the modular KUNGSHAMN sofa adapts to fit your space. KUNGSHAMN designer Mikael Axelsson likes to keep it simple: ‘I don’t want to add a detail just to add a detail. It’s nicer when function and aesthetic strengthen each other.’ Removable covers are easy to keep clean and come in three colours so you can mix and match.

Strong and simple materials The FJÄLLBO shelving series is stripped down to the bare essentials with simple, durable metal and wood. Its raw look gives FJÄLLBO the flexibility to fit in with your style, whether that’s minimalistic, rustic or cosy. Use the entire series to create a display wall, or combine it with your existing furniture.

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