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A comfortable family room that works for everyone

You don’t need to give up on style to create an inclusive home where your family can enjoy time together and still do their own thing. Get inspired by this modern space from the 2019 IKEA catalogue!

1. Choose a coordinated colour scheme

A few bright colours added here and there give the home a playful dimension, such as a soft gym mat that adds a pop of colour without being too childish (plus you can fold it flat so it’s space-saving too).
“You can create a pretty grown-up style with a touch of humour by combining a few harmonious colours with bold, child-friendly accents,” says interior stylist Emma Persson Lagerberg, who imagined this flat together with interior designer Emma Parkinson.

2. Create a flexible favourite spot

“With a smart modular sofa you can easily create a cosy spot for being alone. When you feel like being sociable again, just re-arrange the sections. Try to furnish close to the open windows, daylight and nature have a calming effect.”

3. Make the space work for everyone

“Using child-size furniture helps everyone to feel included. Cosying up in their very own classic armchair means the little ones feel just like the grown-ups.”

4. Decorate together

“Let the kids make their mark in the shared spaces, for example by choosing their own dining chair. Having the right size chair also makes mealtimes more comfortable for everyone. Don’t be afraid to mix different styles and materials, from a junior high chair to a classic adult chair, as mixing and matching gives the room character.”

5. Combine different types of storage

“It should be just as easy to put away your stuff as it is to get it out. To help this happen, use lots of customised storage options throughout the home. You can easily combine different sizes and styles depending on your needs. For example, in the living room everyone gets their own storage spot at the right height, with the children’s play stuff at the bottom and the grown-ups’ books and magazines higher up.”

All the photos were taken from the 2019 IKEA Catalogue

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