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A bedroom for today and tomorrow

It’s not always easy to shop with sustainability in mind. But if you are planning on a needed room re-do – or simply want a super comfortable and calm bedroom – we have products that are made with materials and processes that are more planet-friendly. A not completely unexpected bonus: tons of style.

Give in to the sleep-in

Linen is the kind of material – with its breathability, moisture absorption, unique touch and feel – that makes you want to stay in bed all day. It’s also a renewable, natural fibre, so when you lie there, at least know that you’re doing something good.

Relax, breathe, sleep, repeat

The fluffy warmth (or airy coolness) of a proper duvet makes for good, deep sleep. The fact that the easy-wash polyester fill is from one hundred percent recycled sources may make you sleep even sounder.

A bedside buddy to follow you anywhere

No wish or space for a fixed bedside table? Roll a trolley, made with renewable, handwoven rattan, into the most useful spots, day and night.

Reborn a rug

Rugs can last a lifetime with good care. If you want to start off resourcefully, too, here’s one made from recycled cotton.

Easy-to-pronounce materials all the way

You’re right to be fussy about what you sleep on. That’s why we make mattresses made with natural materials like wool, latex, coconut fiber, and cotton from more sustainable sources.

A conscious choice for good sleep

Find a duvet that suits you and you’re halfway to sweet dreams. Even better, the cotton in our products comes from more sustainable sources. This means that the cotton is either recycled, or grown with less water, less fertilisers and less pesticides, while increasing profit margins for the farmers.

Tailored to the night-time you

We all have individual sleeping styles, spending our nights on our backs, sides, or shifting positions. Trying an ergonomic pillow, designed for the way you sleep, may well be an investment in waking up rested. As a waste-reducing bonus, its memory foam is leftover material from mattress production.

Is there a secret recipe for better sleep? Well, there is a recipe but it’s not secret. It’s about clean air, quiet, light and temperature – and of course, comfort. So something as simple as a new pillow can actually make a big difference.
Gretchen Broussard, IKEA interior designer

Nature’s own look and feel

Sleeping well is an individual thing, but making your bedroom a place of calm and comfort is a good start. To help that mood along, we have a string of products where extra care has gone into making them. Made with renewable materials like rattan, seaweed, banana fibre, jute and bamboo – and many of them handwoven by skilled craftspeople – they also come with a natural, unique expression.

Renewable, reusable, remarkable

For bedrooms and beyond, solid wood is a choice that won’t go out of style. (Which is lucky, since it lasts forever.) Easy to care for and will only look better with age. And when it’s done its duty as a side table or a bed, it can be turned into something completely new!

Extendable to prolong life

Yes, our children grow up too fast (especially when they’re sleeping). Before you know it, beds are too short. Right about then, your expandable beds feel like an even wiser choice.

This little baby is here to stay

A good changing table can be a lifesaver for a family – and repeatedly so. But then what? Here’s what. Choose one that can continue duty as a chest of drawers. Made with solid pine, it may well grow old with that same family.

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