A bedroom for creative kids

IKEA designer Henrik gave his daughter Ida (six) a surprise bedroom makeover. ‘I wanted to give her space for her favourite activities – painting and drawing – and some kind of den too. Ida loves little hideouts.’

Henrik gave his daughter’s room a fun makeover.

A cosy hideout Henrik hung brightly coloured fabric under Ida’s bunk bed to create a secret den. As an IKEA designer, he knows children don’t think about safety when they’re playing, so the grown-ups have to! ‘The fabric is attached with Velcro – it detaches easily, so she can’t get tangled up in it.’

Make space to paint and draw Ida really enjoys arts and crafts, so Henrik stocked up on paints, pens and paper. Handy storage crates and jars make it easy for her to keep her desk tidy when she’s finished painting for the day.

Light at night Bedtime stories are important ‘together time’ for Ida and Henrik. He added a lamp by Ida’s bed to make their favourite reading spot more comfortable.

Have fun with pattern Colour schemes shouldn’t be strict – especially in a child’s room! Cushions are a fun way to mix patterns and colours, plus they’re easy to update if you want to make a change.

Add hanging storage Hooks are an affordable and simple way to add extra storage around a child’s room. Henrik made sure the hooks in Ida’s room were at the perfect height for her.

Space for sharing Henrik is an IKEA designer, so he shares Ida’s creative spark. He chose a desk for her room that’s big enough for them to sit side by side and paint together.

Made by

Styling: Abigail Edwards
Photographer: Polly Wreford