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5 budget-friendly ways to decorate with plants

Invite the summer inside! You don’t need green fingers or a big budget. Get inspired by our five easy tips on how to enhance your decor with some summertime greenery.

1. Transform a window. Create a striking mix of climbing plants and cut flowers that are in season. Make the most of the window height and combine hanging and standing vases for an eye-catching display.

2. Frame your favourites. Prolong the summer by pressing fresh flowers or petals between two glass frames, and ta-da, you have a lasting memory. For a colourful still life, fill a display box with fresh flower buds and enjoy watching the colours change as they dry.

3. Pimp a vintage lamp. Look for an old ceiling lamp at garage sales and update it using a mixture of artificial flowers and plants. Remove the shade and wind round your favourites in a lush and decorative blend.

4. Make a monochrome display. Don’t be afraid to let plants take centre stage. Gather different pots together and create a dynamic arrangement. Choosing plants in matching shades highlights the pots’ different shapes.

5. Love simplicity. Combine a couple of vases with single, fresh-cut flowers to instantly uplift a table setting or sideboard. Get inspired with more ideas about how to decorate with vases!

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Interior designer: Anna Cardell
Photographer: Martin Inger
Writer: Anna Blom

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