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4 ways to reserve some space in a busy public place

You know how it is. The sun is shining, you head outdoors, and 100 000 people also have the same idea. A big enough crowd can make even the most social of us crave a little privacy. But you don’t have to be banished back to the backyard. We took the IKEA Idea’s team mobile to test out a couple of ways to make the outdoors your own (at least for the day).

1. Parks + sunshine = super crowded. One way to take over a small section is with the help of a friendly tree and some hanging lights. By hanging these ones curtain style, they block the crowd in the daytime and make a magical atmosphere at night.

2. Booking your own patch of beach real estate is made a whole lot easier with a textile windscreen. This one can be easily carried on a bike and adjusted to block the breeze or for more privacy. Here’s how to make it!

3. Even busy work lunches can benefit from the privacy treatment. With a couple of parasols to block people watchers, a rug on the ground and cushions for comfort, the busiest bench can become a private oasis.

4. If you can’t avoid the crowds you might want to try this “ privacy umbrella” tested here by our designers Emilia and Lasse. To make, just take a regular umbrella, hang strips of fabric to make a curtain, and you’re all set to wander in peace.

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Interior designer: Emilia Ljungberg
Copywriter: James Rynd

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