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4 versions of the kitchen island

The kitchen is a do-it-all type of room, and we spend so much time there that every bit of space is precious. The easiest way to make more space and increase your kitchen’s functionality? A kitchen island. Here’s how we used islands to create more space for storage, eating, baking, and hanging with friends.

1. MAKE AN ISLAND YOUR DINING TABLE. If your kitchen’s too tiny for a table, consider this multi-functional wonder. Just pull up a barstool or two and you’ve got a place to dine, read, and store tableware all in one.

2. SHOW OFF YOUR TABLEWARE with a spacious, open island. This one is large enough to also serve as a place to hang with your friends, and even enjoy a home-cooked meal. Bonus: you’ll save lots of cabinet space.

3. PERFECT FOR THE HOME COOK, this stainless steel island on wheels holds plenty of ingredients, tools and towels. Not to mention a work surface on which to create your next 5-star dish. When you’re done working with it, just roll it back to its corner.

4. BAKING ENTHUSIASTS, THIS ONE’S FOR YOU. This DIY island has it all: a large work surface for kneading and rolling, as well as lots of storage for your favourite cookbooks. On the other side, keep the shelves stocked with your trustiest tools, bowls, and ingredients. Here’s how to make it.

We love to see our customers get creative with our products. Go for it! But please note that altering or modifying IKEA products so they can no longer be re-sold or used for their original purpose, means the IKEA commercial guarantees and your right to return the products will be lost.

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