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How to make a super storage bed base from METOD kitchen cabinets

Here’s what you need

3 80 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm METOD cabinets

3 60cm x 60 x 60cm METOD cabinets

We’ve used using off white BODBYN fronts and doors and FÅGLAVIK handles but you can choose as you like.

2 57cm black FINTORP rails

2 148 cm x 199 cm MDF boards or similar

1 62 cm x 220 cm FÖRBÄTTRA cover panels to make mattress guard

1 62 cm x 80 cm FÖRBÄTTRA cover panel

25 3 cm L brackets (or as needed)

6 6cm L brackets

Plus these kinds of wood friendly screws.
12 mm
29 mm
57 mm
50 mm

And a saw, measuring tape and an electric drill or appropriate sized screwdrivers.

Here’s how you do it

1. Start by laying out one of your MDF boards to make a base. For this one we painted the edges white to match the rest of the bed.

2. Then construct your METOD cabinets as per the instructions but hold off putting on the fronts or fitting in the drawers and doors for now.

3. Place your METOD cabinets on your base facing outwards. We’ve used 2 at the front, 2 on the right side and one for each of the other sides. Because this bed is up against a wall the side facing the wall only needs one cabinet (for support).

4. Then connect your cabinets together using 29 mm screws, before connecting the cabinets to the base using your L brackets and 29 mm screws. We’ve used 4 screws per L bracket.

Our tip

When using screws to connect wooden pieces, it can be easier to drill a hole first. Just make the hole a little smaller than your screw size.

5. Now you’re set to put on your other MDF board to make the top. Drill directly through to the cabinets underneath using 57 mm screws. (The joins of the cabinets are a good guide where to position your screws.)

6. Next is making your mattress bumper using the 62 cm x 220 cm FÖRBÄTTRA cover panels. You want to cut them to end up with two 147 cm x 10 cm pieces for the width and two 201 cm x 10 cm pieces for the length.

7. Put them together using your 6cm L brackets (plus your 12 mm screws) to make a frame and connect to the base with the 3cm L brackets.

8. Now you can put on all of your fronts, shelves, drawers and handles.

9. The way we’ve configured our cabinets we have an open side that can be covered up with 60 x 80 FÖRBÄTTRA cover panel using 29 mm screws. The plus side is this space now makes a perfect spot to put on rails for a shoe rack.

10. And you’re set! All that remains is to position it up to the wall, and add your mattress and pillows. Nice job!

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