Recall for Repair Service Action: SUNDVIK Changing Table/Chest

IKEA urges all customers that have a SUNDVIK changing table/chest to secure the folding part with the safety locking fittings provided. If lost or misplaced, please contact IKEA to receive new ones, free of charge.
IKEA has received three reports of incidents where the foldable part has come loose and children have fallen off the changing table. To our knowledge the children are fine.
“Safe products are always an IKEA priority and we are truly sorry to hear about the incidents but grateful that, to our knowledge, the children are fine. IKEA has now taken precautionary actions and will further improve the product communication”, says Children’s Business Area Manager Emelie Knoester.
In the reports IKEA has seen that customers tend to use SUNDVIK changing table/chest as an everyday folding changing table, and that they don’t use the safety locking fittings according to instructions. The intended use is for changing diapers on small children. Its second life is as storage furniture.
As a precautionary measure IKEA announces a Recall for repair service action. All customers that have a SUNDVIK changing table/chest and that have misplaced or lost the safety locking fittings, are asked to call IKEA to receive new fittings free of charge. Customers will not have to provide any proof of purchase, such as a receipt.
IKEA believes that the product is safe when used as intended and according to instructions provided.
We apologize for any inconvenience this will cause.
For more information, please contact IKEA at 400-800-2345.

Because of product renovation, there are two versions of safety locking fittings for SUNDVIK changing table/chest.
Version 1 (article number 50256729、70256728)

Version 2 (Article number 60372224、80372223)