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IKEA is recalling the children’s bib MATVRÅ, Blue/Red 2-pack

IKEA urges all customers that have purchased the bib MATVRÅ (Blue/Red 2-pack, article number 90426923) to stop using it and to contact IKEA for remedy.


IKEA has received reports that the button on the MATVRÅ can come off and thus presents a choking hazard. IKEA urges all customers to return the product to IKEA for a full refund. A proof of purchase (receipt) is not required.


“It has come to our attention that there is a risk for the button to come off if the child pulls at it” says Emelie Knoester, Business Area Manager at IKEA of Sweden, and continues:


“The safety of customers is a top priority for IKEA, which is why we choose to recall the children’s bib MATVRÅ Blue/Red 2-pack, as a precautionary measure. The bibs with the same name, MATVRÅ, fruit/vegetables pattern, green/yellow, are safe to use due to different material and design.”


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. For more information, please contact IKEA at 400-800-2345.

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