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Care instruction of tempered glass

Glass is a beautiful but fragile material.

IKEA uses tempered glass to produce some types of glassware, to give customer a further benefit to use these glasses for hot use*. However, tempered glass is still a fragile material and could break after being impacted, stroke or scratched. If the glass have been exposed to any kind of impact the thermal shock resistance would be decreased and will have the risk to get broken due to a temperature change.

Please always be carefully and gently when using the tempered glass product to avoid any kind of mechanical impact. Please stop using if any damage or scratch on edge or surface is found, to prevent risk due to glass broken.

Do not stack the glasses during the storing if the glass is not designed to be stacked.

IKEA glasses are designed for home use and they are not recommended to be used in public areas because of the higher risk of being impacted, stroke or scratched.

* Details pls refer to product information page

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