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How to install the SKYTTA sliding door system

Design your own sliding doors just the way you want them. There is a wide range of SKYTTA sliding doors, colors and materials to match your style. SKYTTA is installed from floor to ceiling, so you can use the entire space behind the sliding doors for all types of storage. Or why not create a room within the room by using the sliding doors as room dividers.

5 steps to your SKYTTA storage solution

1. Take all measurements. Don't forget the measurements of the roof, walls and any sloping roof

2. Choose between two widths of SKYTTA sliding doors

3. Choose the right number of rails and panels

4. Frame the doors with a notice board

5. Create a personal solution in the SKYTTA planning tool

Customize Exclusive SKYTTA Storage Solution Instantly

Start design

Assembly films

SKYTTA wardrobe with sliding doors 

Installation of rails

Installation of doors

Disassembly of doors

Measurement and installation

We help you with measurement and installation

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Personal planning

We help you with planning and advice.

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