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1. How can I register as an IKEA FAMILY member?
You can register as an IKEA FAMILY member through the online register channel step by step. After successful registration you can enjoy the IKEA FAMILY members’ benefit immediately. If you want to have a physical IKEA FAMILY card, please bring your personal ID card to the nearest IKEA store, scan the ID card on the computer on the “IKEA FAMILY Registration” service desk and print out the card according to the guideline.
IKEA FAMILY Member register online:
More Information about IKEA FAMILY:

2. What if I forgot to bring my IKEA FAMILY card when I shop in an IKEA store?
You could send a text message with the content “CH, Name" to number 15901660007 (the name and your phone number must coincide with the registration information), and you will receive a reply with your member card number. Or you can subscribe to IKEA FAMILY WeChat official account and bind your member card, then you can check your IKEA FAMILY member card in ‘Cards and Offers’ (in Chinese only).

3. What can I do if I lost my IKEA FAMILY card?
You can get a new physical card with the same card number in an IKEA store card machine and it is free of charge.

4. How can I change the personal information of my IKEA FAMILY card?
IKEA FAMILY members can directly visit our website:
Choose ‘updating personal information’ to change details. If the phone number you are using now is different from the one you used to register your IKEA FAMILY card, please contact our hotline for updating your personal information.

5. How IKEA FAMILY members log on to the IKEA website for the first time?
Go to the website, enter FAMILY card number and click ‘forgot password’, then enter your email address and our system will send the new password to your mailbox.