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White pillows on a bed with white bed covers, and a copy of the 2020 IKEA Catalogue laying on one of the pillows.

The 2020 IKEA Catalogue is here!

Look forward to new ideas and sweeter dreams

Sleep, glorious sleep! We believe that getting a good night’s rest will absolutely improve your life, and that a few changes at home can help make it happen. In this year’s catalogue, you’ll find everything you need to get closer to a better bedtime. Starting tonight.


Just can’t wait? We hear you. Get inspired by the digital version with instant access to fresh ideas, new products (old favourites, too) and six exciting home tours.

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In print

Enjoy the classic paper experience for making notes, browsing with loved ones or adorning your coffee table. The choice is yours! Keep it or recycle it when the next one comes out.

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IKEA brochures 2020

IKEA brochures are designed to give you more specific product information as well as lots of room inspiration. You can view IKEA brochures online using the links below or pick up a copy at your local IKEA store.

Cover for the 2020 IKEA Kitchen Brochure, showing a colour-coordinated kitchen with storage, cooker, sink and worktops.

Kitchens 2020

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Cover for the 2020 IKEA Wardrobe Brochure, showing a grey wardrobe with one of the doors open and a bedroom dressing table.

Wardrobes 2020

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Cover for the 2020 IKEA Bathroom Brochure, showing a wall mirror, cabinet and small toiletry articles hanging on the wall.

Bathrooms 2020

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Workspaces 2020

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Bedroom 2020

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