Storage solution systems

Sort out your home with storage systems

Imagine no clutter in your home and always being able to find your things! Sounds like a dream? You can make it reality with a storage system. A system has parts, such as frames and shelves, that go together to make combinations in different sizes and shapes. So it’s easy to get a combination that fits your space. You can choose an existing combination, like the ones on this website or in stores. Or you can change an existing combination to suit your needs better. Or you can start from scratch and create your own unique combination.

An IVAR storage combination for almost anywhere

With different storage combinations from the solid pine IVAR system, you can organise almost any area in your home.

See the IVAR system
See the IVAR system

Some favourite storage systems

The easy way to get a coordinated look.

PAX system.
PAX system
IVAR system.
IVAR system
SVALNÄS system.
SVALNÄS system