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With a beautiful shower curtain from IKEA, you can bring style into your bathroom while also enjoying the privacy the simple material affords. Draw the shower curtain for isolated relaxation, while keeping the bathroom door open to prevent the mirrors fogging up with hot steam. It’s a perfect solution for shared bathrooms in busy mornings, and it also protects the rest of the bathroom from the soapy splashes of your hot shower.

Measurements and shower curtains

Make sure to consider which size shower curtains you need for your bathroom.

The first thing to keep in mind is how and where you want to attach them. If your rod is already fixed to the walls or ceiling, you need to measure the distance between the rail to the floor and plan your purchase accordingly.

The second thing to consider is whether you need a shower curtain for a standing shower or next to a bathtub. For a standing shower, the curtains need to be long enough to reach the floor. This is to help keep water from flowing out into the bathroom during longer showers. If you need curtains for the bathtub, however, you probably want shorter curtains. This to be able to keep the curtains inside the tub when showering, and outside the tub when taking a bath.

If our standard shower curtains don’t fit your bathroom, note that we have options that you can cut yourself to the desired length.

Choosing shower curtain materials

Some of our shower curtains are washable, which can come in handy depending on how and where they are used. Other materials are unlikely to need washing.

For instance, vinyl or plastic shower curtains have a rubbery texture and rinse off easily. A polyester shower curtain, on the other hand is not completely waterproof, just water-repellent. However, since it can be made from recycled materials, it has the advantage of being an environmentally friendly choice.

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