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Laundry & cleaning

New Slibb series

We provide you with the new SLIBB series. With the help of SLIBB, the laundry and cleaning work becomes enjoyable and interesting. Better function, better quality, better look and feel, lower price and better for the planet, with this combine effect, the SLIBB series is quite “value for money”.

Re-use and reduce

By working with recycled materials we can both use less new raw materials and at the same time lower our environmental footprint. This is why we use recycled materials whenever possible, leading up to our goal for 2030 to only use renewable and recycled materials in our products. Wood, plastic, paper, and metal are just a few that we love to work with.

House cleaning tips


Create a cleaner and safer environment for the family. Thanks to the ingenious design, even the corners can be cleaned easily.

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Rainy season is coming. We provide all kinds of laundry products for the hot warm humid season. And the price is also attractive!

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Personal cleansing

Modern or traditional, you will always find the one for your bathroom. With the help of our products, it will be easy to keep you and your family neat and hygiene.

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