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Light up your world! Illuminate your home with cosy and practical lighting from our standing floor lamps and standard lamps. Create a zen mood in your living room with a soft light in the corner. Or make reading a delight with some task lighting behind your favourite armchair or sofa. 

There’s plenty of different styles of floor lamps to choose from. For example, the upright, tripod and arc floor lamps are available in a variety of materials, including copper-coloured metallics and woods. Wooden floor lamps are ideal for bringing some subtle texture into your home. If you prefer modern floor lamps that give a clean and tidy look, choose materials like metallics and tinted or shaded glass.

Whatever style you prefer, you’ll be able to find a lamp you like in our wide selection.

How do you choose a floor lamp?

Different types of floor lamps provide different types of lighting. Standing standard lamps like ÅSTRID are generally for the benefit of the whole room. Task lighting on the other hand, like our RANARP lamp, focuses lighting in one area, perfect for reading or writing. Uplighters, like our NOT lamp for example, point towards the ceiling, which helps illuminate the whole room.

If you can’t choose, you can combine! In our wide range you can find floor lamps with dual light sources that can be switched on and off separately. This way, you’ll always have the right lighting for whatever you need. For example, with lamps like FLUGBO, you get both a flexible spotlight for task lighting and an uplighter to light up the rest of the room.  

Where should you put floor lamps?

The right spot to place a floor lamp depends on the type of lamp you have and your lighting needs. If the lamp is designed for directional task lighting, you should consider having it above or behind a sofa, armchair or table. This way, the lamp doesn’t get in your way and provides the light you need.

If it’s an up- or down-lighter, they’re generally best placed in a corner. This way, the light reflects on the walls and spreads throughout the room. Also remember that floor lamps are easily moved around, which is great if you're refurnishing or if you need it somewhere else. 

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