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Enjoy a comfortable sleep

1. Pillow

To choose a pillow for a good night's sleep, first you need to know your customary sleeping position (supine, side or prone) and then look for a pillow with specific benefits and functions according to your personal needs.

2. Duvet

Choose a quality and comfortable quilt, not only to improve our sleep quality, but also to improve our sleep environment, as the saying goes, "gold is better than a good quilt bed".

Sweaty people

Choose lyocell fibres which breathe and absorb moisture.
The padding contains viscose fiber / synthetic fiber to keep cool in a warm environment.
The higher the fiber content, the cooler the touch feels and the better the temperature regulation.

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Cold-phobic people

A fluffy down or mulberry silk thick comforter can give you a warm and comfortable sleeping environment.
The higher the duck down content, the lighter and softer it is.
Light and soft duck down

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Allergy-prone people

Synthetic/artificial filler during seasonal change is convenient for frequent washing and suitable for sensitive people.
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3. Duvet cover

Choosing a quality and comfortable comforter set will not only improve the quality of your sleep but also keep your mood happy.

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Create a personalized, comfortable night's sleep

To wake up in extra comfort, try our comfortable sleep guide.

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Sleep environment is not only limited to the bed, it is about the entire bedroom environment, the following good things from the perspective of light, smell, sound and other details to help you create peace of mind and comfortable sleep:

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