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Staycation plan - cleaning

Do thorough cleaning, protect your family's health!

In this special period, IKEA provides some hygiene tips for you. Useful tools can help you to do cleaning more efficiently, keep good personal hygiene and household hygiene and create a safer living eviroment.

Enviroment cleaning

We used be too busy to do cleaning before, why don't we have a thorough cleaning this time?

Without twisting!

The cloth is very absorbent and quick-drying since it’s made of microfibre. The mop head can be folded to 90 degrees for cleaning the line between floor and skirting.

*The cloth can be replaced

Secret of a dustpan with comb:

The rubber edge makes it easy to sweep the dust into the dustpan. The dustpan has a toothed edge, which can be used for cleaning the brush bristles.

Personal cleaning

Rubbing and washing, fine bubbles will bring clean and happy to you. Develop the good habit of washing hands, pretect yourself from germs and virus. 

Without having to drill:

One push assembly - clean the wall surface and push to attach. No tools are needed.

Clothes cleaning

Air quilt and clothes, sunshine is natural disinfectant.

Comfortable to carry:

Perfect for transporting damp clothes from the washer, or collecting dry clothes for ironing.

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