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Sleep comfortably, just as you want

A good night's sleep is essential to a new day. Whatever your style, whether you prefer a chic, classic style, a warm and comfortable upholstered bed frame, or a bed frame with built-in storage, you'll find a bed in our collection that fits your preferences and budget to create the bedroom of your dreams.

Spring mattresses
The spring made of high-quality steel wire has uniform support strength and excellent comfort; it has good breathability and effectively prevents the growth of bacteria. In addition, it also has excellent anti-pressure performance and durability, suitable for those who need comfortable sleep and concern about health, also very suitable for children's beds and school dormitory beds; spring support, quiet turn over; balanced support, soothing pressure; efficient ventilation, healthy and comfortable sleep.

Foam & latex mattresses

Memory foam mattresses conform to your body shape and relieve pressure. Soft, resilient foam and latex mattresses distribute your weight evenly, contributing to a comfortable night's sleep and enhancing blood circulation. You can choose the firmness, material and price point that best suits you from IKEA's wide range of memory foam and latex mattresses. This model is also very suitable for children's beds and school dormitory beds.

Latex mattresses
Foam mattresses
Mattress protectors
A mattress protector and pillow protectors help things stay fresher and cleaner for longer while reducing general wear-and-tear. Easy to use, they’re quickly removable and machine washable. We have several, including some with a lining that regulates temperature and one that’s waterproof.
Mattress toppers
Place a mattress topper on your mattress for an even comfier night’s sleep. It’ll help keep your mattress in better condition, too. You can choose between various fillings and materials – all of our toppers are easily removed to air and clean. So you can keep your bed fresh and inviting every day.
Ergonomic pillow
Ergonomic pillow using memory foam material, can automatically adjust the shape according to the body curve, providing the best sleep position and comfort; it has good breathability and moisture absorption, can keep dry and clean; can relieve pressure on the cervical spine, shoulders and back, effective prevention of cervical spondylosis and other diseases; suitable for long time use of computers, cell phones and other office workers, the elderly and the need to protect the health of the cervical spine.
Side/back pillow
Suitable for shoulder and neck easily fatigued, like side / back sleeper; conducive to improving sleep quality and preventing spinal health problems.
Prone low pillow
Prefer a lower pillow; maintain the natural curve of the neck; relieve respiratory problems; improve blood circulation and sleep quality; a pillow designed for stomach sleepers.
Summer duvet
Summer duvets are usually made of light and breathable fabrics, such as cotton and linen, silk or silk, to ensure comfort and breathability while sleeping. This kind of duvet is suitable for use during the hot season and allows people to maintain a comfortable sleeping environment during the hot summer.
All seasons duvet
With the detachable double duvet, you can easily have the ideal temperature even if the season changes.
Winter duvet
Winter duvets are usually made with thick and warm fabrics and fillings to meet the need for warmth. These duvets have higher warmth and can effectively withstand the cold weather, allowing people to maintain a comfortable sleeping environment in winter.
Spring and autumn duvet
The duvets used in spring and autumn are usually made of medium-thick fabrics and fillings, and the fillings can be made of cotton, down or silk. The warmth and breathability of this kind of duvet is better, which can meet the temperature demand in spring and autumn without making people feel too stuffy or too cold.

Refresh your bedroom with new duvet cover

Duvet covers and pillowcases take up a considerable amount of space, so they have a big impact on the room. Why not spend the least amount of time, effort and money to give your bedroom a new look?

Double duvet cover
Width 200cm, length 230cm, including two pillowcases
Fitted sheet
Width 90cm, length 200cm
Width 150cm,length 260cm
Pillowcases & protectors
Bedside tables
With a variety of styles, it can be used in the bedroom and anywhere else, and is easy to match with other furniture to create a more warm and comfortable sleeping environment.
Under-bed storage
Your bed has a secret, and that is hidden storage. Under-bed storage can properly store duvets, extra pillows and seasonal clothing, making it easy to access and out of the way. Choose a storage box with a lid to keep the dust out of the way.
Bedside rugs

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