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Ready, set, roar!

This JÄTTELIK is perfect for decking out the room of any young dino-fan.

Do you know them?

Velociraptor is social creature with its body size of a turkey. They work fast and agile, and they can run 50 kilometers per hour fastest.

REX means king in Latin. It’s king of reptiles. It can even accommodate the whole person in the mouth with its jaws wide open. Its teeth are 18 cm long, which is as long as a banana!

Brontosaurus has a long neck, but a small head. When it walks, it makes the ground rumbling. Look at its weight. This is not uncommon, so it is also called "thunder lizard".

The strongest dinosaur is Triceratops which are social creatures. When they get angry, they rush forward, thrust their huge sharp horns to enemies, and lift them high from the ground. Are you so strong too?

The heavy Ankylosaurus looks like a tank, but when it wags its tail, you need to pay attention!

Stegosaurus are social creatures. Their brain are small, but hearts are big. This name is derived from Greek word "stegos", which means scale armor. Look at the 17 bony back plates, and you’ll know why it is named that way.

Do you dare to sleep with a Stegosaurus?

Do you dare to follow dinosaur footsteps?

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