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 A Step-by-Step Guide to Quality Sleep

Quality sleep helps provide you with a good start to your day. That's why, when it comes to your bedroom, every detail is crucial. Which position do you normally sleep in? What sleep needs do you have? Try to get a better understanding of your sleeping habits and let IKEA help you choose the bedding you need to get a sound sleep.

Eco-friendly living, natural comfort 

When choosing a mattress, natural materials such as natural latex, coconut fiber, cotton and wool are not only comfortable and soft, but also can dispel moisture and dehumidify.

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 Sustainable cotton  

The cotton used in IKEA products is all from more sustainable sources, which means less pesticides and chemicals are used in the growing process.

The fine details matter when it comes to getting a comfortable sleep

Sleeping soundly and comfortably goes beyond getting a new mattress and pillow. You also need to pay attention to the fine details. Here are some tips that may help you sleep soundly.

Use a mattress protector to keep it free from dust and stains. Not only will this effectively expand its life, but it will also make it easier to take care of. Some mattress protectors are also waterproof, making them suitable for the elderly and children.

Layer a mattress pad on top of your mattress to create a more comfortable sleeping environment. Not only will you enjoy a soft, fresh bed, but you'll also be able to worry less about cleaning your mattress.

Light is a major factor affecting sleep. If you find it difficult to sleep in a light environment, you can change your bedroom curtains to blackout curtains to create a dark environment while also protecting your privacy.

Don't waste space under the bed

A bed with storage can work wonders in a small room. Under the bed is a large storage space where you can put your clothing and bedding. It’s a clever way to maximize storage in smaller spaces.

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Your bedroom environment is closely related to your seep quality. Pick your favorite things to put around the room to create an all-around comfortable sleeping atmosphere in your bedroom.

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