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Non drill - Kitchen and bath

Easy storage without effort

You don't want to waste the vertical storage space on the wall of your home, but you are worried about the subsequent adjustment of the layout, and the marks of punching holes on the wall will affect the aesthetics. Why don't you try the drill-free storage products? No need to drill holes to damage the walls, and in a few minutes, you can get your home back to a tidy place. You can also adjust the position as you like according to your changing storage needs, making the storage solution more flexible.

No drilling, easy installation

1. Clean the wall with a cloth and let it dry.
2. Remove the plastic protective sleeve.
3. Press the center of the suction cup to make it tight.
*For better adhesion, it is only suitable for use on flat surfaces such as glass, mirror and tile.
*Insert a card between the suction cup and the wall to remove the suction cup.
*Soak the suction cup in hot water at a temperature close to boiling point for a few minutes, then take it out and let it dry naturally, it will be as good as new.

Finding smart storage in unusual spaces

Unused (and perhaps unusual) spaces can be put to smart use for storage at home. You just need to find them. Under the sofa? Behind the bed? In the window? Or perhaps choose new furniture that has extra storage built in.

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