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Home is the centre of the universe

Are you longing for a better life? Yearning for a more belonging experience? Even if you are in space, you want to make home accessible? Look around and you will find that home is the center of the universe.

 Sustainable cotton  

IKEA products use cotton from more sustainable sources, which means less use of pesticides and chemicals in the planting process. This natural material is durable and gets softer with each wash.

We also offer a wider range of different combinations

 Sustainable and circular consumption  

More and more IKEA products are designed according to the circular concept, with a small climate footprint and made of renewable and recycled materials.

Let your imagination run wild in the small universe of creativity

Want a bigger creative space? Just pull out this extendable dining table. Sit with your children on comfortable chairs and paint or do some small crafts together, giving your children a sense of accomplishment.

How to get better sleep

Healthy and quality sleep helps you start the new day better. Try to get a better understanding of your sleep habits and what sleep needs you have.

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