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How to get better quality sleep

So choose the right hardness of the mattress to give comfortable support to the spine, to avoid the burden on the spine because the mattress is too soft or too hard.

Mattress Types

According to the type of filling, mattresses are divided into spring mattresses and non-spring mattresses.

Find the right mattress for your sleeping position


Lying on your back(Best sleeping position)

In order to support the natural S-shape of the spine and distribute the body weight evenly, a harder mattress and lower pillows are recommended.

IKEA recommendationVATNESTRÖM

Lying on your side

In order to keep the spine straight and reduce the pressure on the shoulders and hips, a slightly softer mattress and higher pillows are recommended.

IKEA recommendationVESTMARKA 

Lying on your stomach

With a prone sleeping position, it is recommended to choose a mattress that provides even support for the entire body and a lower pillow because the spine cannot maintain an S-shape.

IKEA recommendationFILLAN

We offer a wide range of mattress sizes for you to choose from 

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IKEA mattress care guide

During shipping

Most IKEA mattresses are packed in rolls. After opening the package, we recommend you leave the mattress vacant for 3-4 days to allow the mattress to recover to its original state.

Before you start using the mattress

The new mattress will feel hard when you first use it, so it will take a month to gradually adapt and make the new mattress fit your body better.
The new mattress may have a special odor when opened, this odor is not harmful and will dissipate slowly, we recommend that you place the mattress in a ventilated environment, or use a vacuum cleaner to accelerate the dissipation of the odor.

Cleaning and care

From a health and hygiene point of view, it is recommended that you use a mattress protector for easy washing and cleaning, or you can use a vacuum cleaner with a mattress brush to clean up dander and mites.

Please do not bend the mattress to avoid damage to the internal structure, we recommend that you replace the mattress with a new one every 8-10 years to ensure the best sleeping experience.


Why use a mattress pad

  • Mattress pad that allows the body to fit more closely to the mattress, increasing sleep comfort.
  • Easy to clean and dry, providing you with healthy sleep.
  • Mattress pad has a dust-proof effect, which extends the life of the mattress
  • Mattress pad with the right thickness to lay on the floor, which means you can create a comfortable sleep without worrying about storage.

How to pick a pillow

Firstly, understand your daily sleeping position to help you pick the right pillow. Secondly pick the material feel of the pillow, in order to provide perfect support for your head and neck during sleep.

Which pillow is suitable for your sleeping position 


IKEA Pillow Care Guide

During shipping

May be sold in compressed form for ease of shipping, which takes a few days to recover its shape.

Before starting to use

Duck-down pillows may have a distinctive odor, which can be slowly eliminated by keeping them ventilated.

Cleaning and care

Use a pillowcase to keep your pillow clean and hygienic.

All IKEA pillows can be wiped at 60°C (except styrofoam-filled pillows).

At such temperatures, dust mites die, making the pillows suitable for people with allergies.

Also, keep in mind that a moist and warm environment is conducive to dust mite reproduction.

Therefore, it is recommended to ventilate the bed in the morning before making it.

How to pick a duvet

IKEA has a wide range of duvets in different sizes, materials and thicknesses.You can choose as many as you want.You can also choose according to your preferred sleeping temperature and regime. 


Select quilts according to the ambient temperature

The ideal temperature for the bedroom is 16-17°C. However, we recommend that it can be kept between 13-20°C. 


We offer many sizes of duvets 


How to pick bedding

Choosing the right bedding depends mainly on: style and material.Do you prefer soft colors or vibrant, eye-catching patterns?IKEA has a wide range of bedding in different sizes, materials and styles for you to choose from.

Online furniture design tool

Make your dreams a reality with IKEA design tools. Design your dream bedroom before you buy.

Sleep environment is not only limited to the bed, it is about the entire bedroom environment, the following good things from the perspective of light, smell, sound and other details to help you create peace of mind and comfortable sleep:

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