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Colors are closely related to our perception and have a profound impact on daily emotions and happiness. We want to add more energetic colors to our homes to bring more happiness and vitality through these home furnishings. You can repaint walls, furniture, or add color to your home with the help of charming decorations.

Vibrant Red

Red, one of the three primary colors, is often associated with energy, power, and strong emotions. If painting your walls in red is too bold and challenging for you, you can use home decor products to add this bright color to your home.

PLUTTIS wall clock red 28 cm ¥39.99

BAGGEBO shelving unit 60x30x80 cm ¥129

DRÖNA box 33x38x33 cm ¥29.99

Tranquil and Elegant Blue

From Klein blue to Prussian blue, blue has been widely used in home design. If red represents intense emotions, blue, by contrast, brings us tranquility, peace, and elegance. You can also use blue as a contrasting color to bring a sense of design to your home decor.

EKLUGGMAL cushion 52x50x15 cm ¥99.99

GRADVIS vase 21 cm ¥79.99

Warm Yellow Tones

From soft yellows to orange-yellow tones, different shades of yellow make the main tone of our homes brighter and more spacious. Some shades of yellow can even bring a retro trend of the millennium.

Highly Saturated Green

Green represents vitality, health, and happiness. Because of its fresh color and positive connotations, we naturally want to surround ourselves with this color, whether through painted walls or home decor embellishments. The more saturated tones add a strong sense of modern feel.

BERGSHULT / PERSHULT wall shelf 80x30 cm ¥109

ÄRTBUSKE vase/watering can bright green 24 cm ¥79.99


The trendy "Dopamine style" incorporates brightly colored, highly saturated color blocks in a lively yet orderly manner, evoking feelings of comfort, joy, and energy. It can also be used in home decor, creating a refreshing effect. 

TUVKORNELL candle holder, set of 3 mixed colours ¥69.99

BILD poster 30x40cm ¥24.99

Neutral Wood Colors

Practical and elegant colors continue to be one of the home color trends in recent years. For those who prefer tranquility, we tend to use neutral colors like wood or earthy tones. If you want to try something different, you can choose colorful items with challenging details while maintaining a large area of neutral colors.

KYRRE stool birch ¥129

RÅGRUND bench bamboo 77x37cm ¥399

HÄSTVISKARE wall organiser oak 42x15x11cm ¥149

Low price products, under ¥30

Buying affordable home supplies doesn't mean sacrificing style, functionality and quality. Reasonable prices make all kinds of everyday items affordable for everyone. Whether you're planning to reorganize your wardrobe, prepare for your child's birthday party, or buy a new set of kitchenware, IKEA has a range of affordable accessories to meet your needs.

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