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Down winter quilts, get up to 20% off

2023.10.10-11.13 IKEA Family offer, down and silk extra warm duvet get up to 20% off. Get a good night's sleep for a whole warm winter.

Down/feather winter quilts

The more down you have, the softer, warmer and lighter the comforter will be, while the feathers will wick away moisture and bring you a soothing experience close to nature.

Filling: 90% duck feathers, 10% duck down
Filling: 40% duck feathers, 60% duck down
Filling: 10% duck feathers, 90% duck down

Silk winter quilts

The mulberry silk filling of the duvet makes you feel like you’re sleeping among the clouds. A luxurious feel that lasts since the material breathes and circulates air.

Selected duvet covers,get up to 20% off


Selected beds/mattresses/mattresses, get up to 20% off

2023.10.24-11.13 IKEA Family offer, selected beds/mattresses/mattresses get up to 20% off.


Suitable for most people.

A 3 cm thick layer of latex provide high pressure-relieving capacity, enabling your body to relax more fully.

The 5 comfort zones in the mattress give very precise support and relieve pressure on your shoulders and hips.

Individually wrapped pocket springs isolate movements.

Free 10 years guarantee.


Suitable for people with back pain and allergies.

Natural materials,breathable and comfortable.

Pocket springs respond independently without transferring motion to others and follow your movements to support your spine and joints.

5 comfort zones right where you need them support hips and shoulders, creating a natural spine alignment.

Free 10 years guarantee.

Mattress pads make your bed extra warm and comfortable. Perfect for cold autumn and winter nights when the wind blows and rain patters against the bedroom window.

Quality bed frames, get up to 20% off

2023.10.27-11.13 IKEA Family offer, quality bed frames get up to 20% off.

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