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Clean up and welcome the new season

Surface stains are clean with a wipe

Home life inevitably have to deal with a variety of "dirty things", furniture surface dust, dishes on the grease, stubborn stains in the corners ...... for different stains, select the targeted tools. A brush 、a wipe, it's easy to solve with the right equipment. Everyone loves to grab to do housework.

Floor cleaning should be taken seriously

The basic cleaning work starts from the floor, sweeping away the dust and sweeping away the bad things of the past as well. With IKEA's new PEPPRIG series, you can save yourself the trouble of washing the mop by hand, freeing your hands and making the floor clean with less effort.

Drying laundry, being clean and fresh

The clothes washed clean, the new season also more refreshing. We've prepared a selection of handy and practical laundry helpers to help you get through the day in a bright and cheerful mood, all at an affordable price. Plus, they're made from plastic that's in line with IKEA's sustainability philosophy, so it's everyone's responsibility to protect the planet!

Complete set of equipment, set you free of household chores

Easy to change the head, flexible and good, easy to get started; for a specific space, choose the right cleaning head, professional cleaning can greatly save your time and realize the freedom of housework. Scandinavian modern style, smooth and simple lines, with fresh colors, the whole set of design unity, so that cleaning supplies can also be full of beauty, without contradiction into the modern home lifestyle .

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