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Children products New Year offer

  • Selected Children Toy Up to 12% off activity rules

    · Activity rule: For Ikea family member, up to 12% off on the selected children toy products, the discount can’t be shared with other activities discount.

    · Activity Period:2022.1.21 - 2022.2.7

    · Applicable channels: IKEA website / IKEA App / IKEA WeChat mini program / Shanghai Xuhui Store mini program.

    · If the customer who has purchased activity products need to return the products, and the amount does not meet the conditions of the original activity rule, IKEA has the right to charge the equivalent amount from the customer.

    · The activity only for IKEA family member.

    · This activity is not applicable to food, handling goods or service.

    · If there’s any violation (including but not limited to mechanical cheating, malicious registration, malicious arbitrage, bogus transactions, etc.), IKEA has the right to cancel the transaction or his or her wining qualification and cancel the illegal transactions and gifts. IKEA will pursue the customer's legal responsibility if necessary. IKEA reserves the right of interpretation.

    · The same customer can only use one IKEA account to participate in this event. Whoever uses similar or same information, including but not limited: IKEA account, WeChat ID, recipient name, shipping address, contact, IP address, if any one of the information is same will be regarded as the same customer. The result of the customer's first participation in the event is valid, otherwise, invalid.

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