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Living room solution

The living room plan for less than ¥1,000 can be anything you want, meeting different needs from one-person homes to multi-person gatherings.

The small living room, with plenty of seating and storage space, can help you to easily entertain friends; and when you are alone at home, whether you are a fanatic who enjoys the movies on the sofa, or a young man who loves sports and fitness can do these things just by moving furniture. The living room turns into a multifunctional room.

*(The ¥945 set includes one HEMLINGBY  sofa, one NOLMYRA  armchair, one LACK  coffee table, one BOSNAS  footstool, and one LERBERG  shelf unit)

*Quantity can be adjusted in the shopping cart

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Reception: friends come to enjoy gathering

Movie: comfortably binge watching

Fitness: home fitness space is enough


Bedroom solution

With a small amount of money, from a single to happy couples, IKEA will help you change different life style.

Simple and versatile bedroom sets. When you are single, you can match according to your own preferences. When you have a partner, you can just simply change the bedding. Flexible and practical items can take care of the needs of life at different stages.

*(The ¥1136 set includes one GRIMSBU  bed frame, two KNARREVIK  bedside tables, one KLEPPSTAD Wardrobe, one LUROY Slatted bed base)

*Quantity can be adjusted in the shopping cart

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Male: urban men who love music and games

Female: fashion women who are much of pretty and reading

Couple: a sweet time for two with warm atmosphere and full functions


Dining room solution

From office work during the day to dinner at night, the flexible restaurant is suitable for you who love life.

It can be used as a desk for one person or a two-person office or dining table by moving. Stacked seats save space. The movable trolley plays a big role for party. The spice rack and other items are placed on the trolley to make room for the tabletop, even if you eat hot pot, it will not be crowded.

*(The ¥694 set includes TÄRENDÖ / ADDE table and 4 chairs, two MARIUS  stools, one SUNNERSTA  trolly)

*Quantity can be adjusted in the shopping cart

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Single: it can be a table or a desk

Couple: sweet time for two people

Party: friends get together and have more fun