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IKEA Home Planner

Installation instructions for Mac

1.  Read and agree to the License Agreement.
2.  Click ‘Install Player’.
3.  You should now see the program downloading to your computer. Download time will depend on your internet speed.
4.  Once the program has downloaded, open the download drop down menu.
5.  Note! Your install window might open behind your browser window.
6.  The finder window should contain the plug-in NP_2020Player_IKEA.
7.  Drag the NP_2020Player_IKEA.plugin icon on top of the Internet plug-ins folder in order to copy it there.
8.  If administrator rights are required to install plug-ins you might need to ‘Authenticate’ and then enter the administrator username and password for your computer.
9.  In order to complete the installation you must restart your browser, therefore close your browser completely (Command-Q) and then re-launch it.
10. The IKEA Home Planner should now work!