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As one of the biggest home furnishing retailer and long term partner of WWF, IKEA is continuously supporting the “Earth hour” on Mar. 31 this year. During that hour, all IKEA stores in 9 cities of China will dim or turn off the lights at certain areas. A special offer will be given for a solar lamp – SUNNAN as the offer by the day.

Joining in “Earth hour” shows IKEA’s commitment to environment. IKEA believes that it is more important to go beyond the hour and take actions to protect the environment, through promoting sustainable lifestyle, implementing low carbon policies and better utility of natural resources. In addition to walk the talk, IKEA will promote sustainable products and solutions, to engage more consumers to be sustainable in everyday life.

What can we do?

IKEA stores attract about 170 million customers worldwide, or about 83 million households. So we got to thinking: Even a small percentage of our customers could have an impact on the environment if they tried to live a more sustainable life at home. What if all 170 million of us made small changes in the way we live? Together, we really could make a difference to the planet.
Good kitchen habits
Good kitchen habits
The heart of the home is also home to good ideas about saving energy and water, and preventing waste. Here’s a start.
A more sustainable life in the kitchen
Ideas for the living room
Ideas for the living room
Where we read, watch TV and socialise, we also use a lot of energy. But maybe we could use less.
A more sustainable life in the living room
Save energy while you sleep
Simple ways to save energy in the bedroom make a difference to the environment, but won’t affect your comfort or your sleep.
A more sustainable life in the bedroom

Our responsibility

Our responsibility
Taking responsibility for people and the environment is a prerequisite for doing good business.